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homemade bone broth & bone broth benefits

BONE BROTH.... It sounds so weird & creepy but it has become one of my absolute favorite natural remedies for gut healing and healthy digestion. I'm going to share what the benefits of bone broth are, as well as my favorite homemade recipe. What is Bone Broth? Bone broth is a broth made from the… Continue reading homemade bone broth & bone broth benefits


raspberry sweet potato nice cream

I love nice cream! It's a great way to help me feel like I'm getting my "ice cream" fix and prevent me from eating too many of the not-so-good-sweets hehe. I also love taking any opportunity to get more vegetables in my diet. I've never loved eating straight up raw veggies so if I can… Continue reading raspberry sweet potato nice cream


mushroom hot chocolate

I love hot chocolate! BUT, after going dairy free I worried I wouldn't be able to find the same deep, rich, taste that I previously enjoyed. I seriously drink hot chocolate almost every morning now to start my day, and its HEALTHY hot chocolate! 🙂 Here is the method: mushroom hot cacao ingredients: 1 can… Continue reading mushroom hot chocolate


creamy “alfredo” zoodles

I always crave Alfredo sauce! Since being dairy-free, I have had a hard time finding a vegan Alfredo sauce that I like. My favorite vegan cheese is Kitehill Foods chives "cream" cheese. I love it so much spread on everything that I figured it would taste great as a sauce too! So then I used… Continue reading creamy “alfredo” zoodles


sweet potato turmeric soup

Okay, I actually think this soup is the joy of my life right now. Sorry husband. But seriously, I have been obsessed with warm, spiced soup but haven't found a good recipe yet. So I made up my own! With a variety of different root veggies & my person fav ingredient - turmeric root... this… Continue reading sweet potato turmeric soup