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how i naturally get rid of a UTI


Anyone who has had one will attest…. NOTHING IS WORSE THAN A UTI.

It’s like…. constantly feeling like you need to pee + never having to pee + not being able to pee + always having to pee + fire ants you-know-where + peeing fire + wanting to die.

So, what is a UTI anyway? Simply put, a UTI (urinary tract infection) is caused by bad bacteria getting caught & proliferating in the urinary tract. Those pesky little bacteria can cause so much pain and inconvenience!

The normal regimen to get rid of those little buggers is to take a round of antibiotics.

So what is wrong with that? Antibiotics literally means – no life – or anti life. The sole purpose of an antibiotic is to kill any bacteria in it’s path. But here is the thing… Our body is FULL of bacteria! GOOD, NECESSARY bacteria that allows our body to function in a state of homeostasis. Bacteria is the main source of our digestion, our immune function, skin health, vaginal health, and thats right – even urinary tract health!

With that being said, it really isn’t “ideal” to kill off all the bacteria (good and bad) through the gut, and even down into the urinary tract. This often leads to more problems in the future, such as leaky gut, auto-immune disease, digestive problem, yeast overgrowth and more.

SO, WHAT DO I DO? I’ve had like….. 5 UTI’s in my life and those were the darkest days of my existence. It’s truly no wonder everyone wants to just jump on the antibiotic train. BUT I want to share what I have done to cure myself of every single UTI – WITHOUT antibiotics!

How I got rid of my UTI’s naturally:

  1. Drink a shiz ton of sugar-free cranberry juice. Yes. It is gross. But I would chug 1 of those 48oz puppies every day for 4-5 days. Worked like a charm every time.
    1. If you can’t stomach that – try cranberry pills. Never worked for me though.
  2. Take probiotics, multiple forms, multiple times a day. Want to get rid of the bad bacteria? Well, crowd it out with the good stuff! I took a probiotic supplement (I like garden of life brand) 2 x a day, plus drinking probiotic drinks like kombucha, water kefir and eating coconut yogurt.
  3. Live an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Exercise every day, stay moving, drink LOTS of water, eat your veggies/fruits/healthy fats and this will help the process.
  4. If you are sexually active – PEE right after sex. Sounds weird, but that will flush out any pesky bacteria from your partner out of the urinary tract before it has time to proliferate and cause a problem.
  5. Avoid sanitizing soaps in the “lady zone” if you know what I mean. These soaps have a way of killing the good bacteria down there & allowing for the bad guys to have a party.

Good luck! I hope you find success in eradicating those bad boys! Just remember – remain diligent and you’ll see results. If worse comes to worse – take the antibiotic. Every body is different. I am not a doctor, just a holistic minded person who is passionate about natural healing. Comment below if you’ve ever been able to get rid of a UTI! I’d love to hear your story!


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