sweet potato fries

I am always craving sweet & salty snacks! Sweet potato fries are one of my favorite snacks or side to any dish! They are easy to make & taste good as left overs too. Even my little baby loves them! ingredients: 1 yam (orange inside) 1 sweet potato (white inside) 1 parsnip *optional 1-2 tbsp… Continue reading sweet potato fries


vegan cashew pesto

I loooove pesto. But ever since eating dairy free I've been missing it dearly. I've made pesto many different ways & usually it calls for pine nuts as the base but pine nuts are expensive and harder to find so I like this recipe using cashews. I hope you enjoy! Ingredients: 1 c fresh basil… Continue reading vegan cashew pesto


vegan ranch dressing

  I'm like, always craving good dressing. I've never been a salad girl, or, if I was it was a vehicle for the dressing LETZ BE HONEST. I've come to enjoy salads now, however, my desire for good quality dressing that tastes good AND has good ingredients still stands. This dressing is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free,… Continue reading vegan ranch dressing

Health, Nutrition

how removing sugar from my diet revitalized my health

  Sugar. Everyones best friend, everyones favorite enemy. Sugar is an enemy to our bodies, and yet, most of us eat it all day every day! I'm the stereotypical girl who feels like she needs sugar on a bad day. I was in the midst of what felt like a million health problems and I… Continue reading how removing sugar from my diet revitalized my health