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finding health is a journey


Something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently is achieving health. I’ve always thought of health as a destination, that if only I could get there, life would be perfect. It seems like there is always that person who seems to have “gotten there”. They seem perfectly healthy/happy & that they are hangin’ out in healthyville with all the other healthiest peeps sippin’ on margarita’s (more like green smoothies). Haha!

As I’ve tried to reach the destination of ultimate health I’ve come across SO much information & differing opinions regarding what true health is. Differing diets such as raw vegan, paleo, keto, plant-based, gluten free & everything in between. Weight-lifting, yoga, walking, over-sleeping, running, and every kind of exercise claims it is the BEST kind form of fitness. This has always confused me, causing me to wonder what IS the WAY? What is the path to ultimate health? How can I get there?

Amidst all the differing views I have often found myself lost & feeling stressed that I’m going to do the “wrong kind” of healthy things, and that I’ll never reach my health goals. But something I’m learning is that finding health is a journey. I now understand that health isn’t a destination, but its an ever evolving process that each one of us takes, and is so different for each individual person. It is so easy to get overwhelmed feeling like you’ll never be up to par with “healthy”, that you’re not eating enough veggies, drinking enough water, or exercising hard or well enough. But I believe that each step, is a pinnacle mark in our journey. Every phase in my life brings me one step closer to a healthier me! I’ve spent so much time stressing about if I’m good enough when it comes to health. Something I just want to tell everyone who is struggling along this health journey with me is that every step in a healthy direction is good enough!

Don’t feel the need to start with 10 servings of 100% organic vegetables a day with a superfood green smoothie for breakfast & a killer 2 hour work out. Just because this is the place that someone is in their personal health journey, doesn’t mean that it needs to be where you are!

I feel that each person has a different definition of health. What works for me almost certainly won’t work perfectly for you. YOU and I each need to find what works best for our bodies and makes us feel the clearest, happiest, lightest, most energized, passionate and full of life.

Here are some simple tips that have helped me find what makes me feel the healthiest:

  1. Listen to your body.
    • Your body is unique & 100% you. Our bodies are built to notify us of our needs! We have the capability to intuitively know what we are lacking – if we just listen. Try to pay attention to the good foods you’re craving, when you’re full/hungry, your energy levels, when you need a break, and when you need some self-love, etc. Then act on it!
  2. Start small.
    • Whether it comes to clean eating or exercise, remember that an elephant is best eaten in small bite size pieces, not all at once! Take each day at a time, and try to make 1 health conscious choice each day. Start by eating your favorite vegetable, or going for a walk. Commit to this action EVERY day. Then once you’re comfortable & in the habit, you can add more!
  3. Don’t compare yourself.
    • Because each one of us is in a different place in our health journey, comparing yourself to others is nothing but detrimental. You will likely facilitate feelings of frustration and self-critical thoughts. The best comparison you can make, is a comparison between you NOW, and you where you used to be! That is more motivating and a better scale of your success.
  4. Do your research.
    • One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is blindly following what others told me “healthy” was. Become educated on the aspects of health you want to improve in! Read articles, books, ask experienced people for advice, listen to podcasts, and ask questions. Put the things you’re learning to the test by experimenting and gauging how it works for you and your body. You will find a lot of conflicting information out there, so just do your best a make a decision based on what feels best and resonates with you.
  5. Don’t give up when the going gets tough.
    • In every aspect of life, when you’re succeeding and achieving greatness you are bound to face opposition! Opposition does not mean that you’re not making progress or that you “can’t do it”. Whether you’re not reaching your goal weight, or not feeling better when faced with an illness… Patience will always reap a reward. Be consistent. Be strong. Keep going!
  6. Find joy in every step.
    • Taking care of yourself and your body is FUN! Make it fun! Try new recipes, new forms of exercise, and challenge yourself. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. If I had a dime for every disgusting muffin I made because I was trying to create a new recipe for “healthy muffins”, I would be one rich lady! I also am terrible at zumba. But I have a ball every time I go and everyone there looks really embarrassed for me. Who cares, it’s fun, right?
  7. Never stop evolving.
    • Like I said before this is your health journey. I feel like I will never really “get there”, because there is always more we can learn, and do, to improve our health. That’s okay! Keep listening to your body and following your intrinsic compass. There will always be a healthier you, that you can become.


I really hope this can help motivate some of my dear friends out there who are in the never-ending search for ultimate health! I’ve loved every step of my health journey because it has shaped me and brought me knowledge, confidence, understanding, and most importantly, helped me to become one with myself and my body. ♥


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